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Miles peruses his portfolio

Hmmmmm, what’s this? It’s got a pretty cute baby on the cover…. I still have yet to make my 2007 digital album, but I do place print orders often and throw them into an album just to get them off of my blog and something Miles can actually look at in 20 years. Or I…

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  • Sherry SmithMay 7, 2008 - 9:14 pm

    Miles just amazes me, how he really reads the books..never tearing or messing them up…just adorable..that’s what he is..mame ma

Matida Jane: for grown ups

Ok, so I know I haven’t posted Miles in a lonnnnng time. Just know, instead of processing pics of him, I’m playing tag with him. (It’s his latest giggle inducer. LUV it!) I”ve had these pics of Matilda Jane waiting to blog so I had an extra three minutes and figured I would throw them…


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  • TonyaApril 30, 2008 - 2:58 pm

    Love your detail shots! The red pocket shot makes me smile. And exactly where is spring? I’m freezing!

  • KaylaApril 30, 2008 - 10:36 pm

    Pics look great Betsy… Thanks for makeing my eyes seem more blue then they are in person.. LOL Your are great!

  • Roxanne JacobsSeptember 23, 2010 - 4:20 pm

    Kayla sure does have some beautiful eyes ! And a personality to match 😉 I love your work …….

diaper cakes, high heels and little pink hats

It must be a baby shower! This time it was Renee’s turn as we celebrated the upcoming arrival of baby Bella. (Due pretty soon!!!) I didn’t get as many photos as I usually get. I’m blaming it on Cristi’s bottomless carmel corn bowl that I couldn’t keep my hands out of. Here’s her diaper cake…

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  • Leslie WebberApril 29, 2008 - 7:17 am

    Betsy, WHERE did you find that adorable sparkly-horse shoe Colts shirt?! We need one at our house. Meredith would flip out over it!

blank slate!

Since this is a totally random post, I figured I would throw this photo on here of me as I haven’t shown my face in a while. John took it at our last shoot last week. It was a business portrait shoot, so I sat in to test the light. I LUV that necklace! It…


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  • GailApril 28, 2008 - 7:11 am

    Ahh.. you are so stinkin’ cute! And thanks for the shout-out on the blog. I had to give blood this morning and was coming in to work feeling all crummy so it was a nice little pick-me-up to get such a sweet mention.

    And you are SO not going to believe this — you know those stainless steel canisters you have? Nick and I had those EXACT SAME ONES!!!!!!!!!!!!! We bought 3 of them a few years back at an antique shop for OUR retro kitchen, but I could never find the flour one. I think, sadly, they may have gotten sold in a garage sale we had last year. But as soon as I saw them, I was like, “GET OUT!” Too funny …. 🙂

  • GailApril 28, 2008 - 7:12 am

    OMG – now that I look at that photo of your dining room — if that’s a Crate and Barrel bowl – we have that SAME SET too!!! AHHHHHHHHHH I am cracking up!!!

  • CassieApril 28, 2008 - 7:19 am

    well, i don’ have any of the same kitchen items that you do. 🙂 but your house looks so different every time i see it!! i’m sure you will find the picture prints to put up–you have such a fantastic visual eye, you and john both do. you’ll decide on something amazing! i love your minimally-painted walls; it’s very zen. 🙂

    and that picture of you is be-au-ti-ful! that necklace goes so well with your eyes!! love it!

  • AnnieApril 28, 2008 - 7:59 am

    yeah – get those prints up, now the tricky part is which ones!!! good luck, the layout looks great – ya know, if you don’t want to paint the whole wall you could do something similar, like the square in miles room – just an idea ;o) good luck- what fun it will be to do!

  • AnnieApril 28, 2008 - 8:00 am

    okay so you know i love to decorate – but i wanted to say – love the necklace too, btw, and of course the meticulously shaped brows -such a great picture! oxox-me

  • JessicaApril 28, 2008 - 8:11 am

    Good for you for taking initiative and starting a project. You will have to post pics once you are finished and you have your big prints up. Also, your eyes look so cool in that top photo! Cassie is right…the necklace looks very cool with your eyes!

  • Ida in QCApril 30, 2008 - 10:21 am

    Wow, you’re really gorgeous! What beautiful eyes. And who do you remind me of? Hmm… oh, now I know it – it’s Miles! 🙂

    I look forward to seeing more from your kitchen make over. Projects are fun! When they’re done! Good luck!!

  • Amy Taylor in CaliforniaMay 1, 2008 - 2:30 am

    Okay, I am restraining myself from suggesting paint colors ;). But here’s an idea for you – trade labor with a painter! My husband is a painter (unfortunately in california) and I would LUV IT if a photographer offered her services in exchange for painting work. Can’t wait to see what photos you put on the walls. I’m always unsure about where it’s appropriate to put “people” photos…. Have fun!

  • […] anybody remember this post? It was about how I took everything off my walls to get some new stuff hung? Well, over the weekend […]

a man and his mower

John really tries to consider the environment when he makes a purchase and honestly, this guy really loses sleep over it if he doesn’t. It’s always bugged him that he has been using a gas mower and they are really, really bad for the environment. Like worse than cars. When we met he had a… Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...


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  • JohnApril 24, 2008 - 11:45 pm

    What a sweet post, my love! Thanks for all your kind words. And to your credit, you’ve jumped on board with every crazy idea I’ve come up with. (Who does cloth diapers this day and age?) Here’s to doing what we can to help Miles inherit a beautiful planet!

    Love you! John

  • bobbi+April 25, 2008 - 8:15 pm

    John is the second cutest husband in the world. 🙂

  • ErinApril 26, 2008 - 6:52 am

    Way to go, John!!! You look adorable pushing your awesome electric mower. Because you know- Green is the new Black!!!

    Love you both Erin

  • Ida in QCApril 30, 2008 - 10:19 am

    What a beautiful photo – could be an ad for the green mower! And I love John’s post above… you seem so sweet to each other!

    Go green, everyone!