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sara & co.

A little sneak peek of Sara, Audrey and little Ollie who was a bit shy that day. Just love these (gorgeous) guys so much!

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scrapbook shoes

I’m pretty good about passing clothes down to friends, but the one thing I can’t help but hoard is their shoes. We put shoes on our kids every day, usually the same ones, and that repetition of kneeling by their feet, our heads so close, we are almost touching, burns a memory into my mind […]

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tub for two

When Jocelyn was born, Miles would look at her and say to me, “I just want her to be a grown up kid so she can play with me.” She has done her very best to grow up crazy fast for him and tries her best to get his attention. Once Miles realized he could […] Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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