Christmas Eve 2015

It’s Christmas eve and Jocelyn and Miles are sleeping with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads and I thought I would pause to post some photos for my family “back home.” Today has been filled with drawing with the kids, making cinnamon rolls, watching Christmas movies, sending verrrry last minute Christmas cards and then dinner out. We came home and the kids opened their Christmas pajamas, put out cookies and milk and food for Santa’s reindeer. This year has been Christmas GOLD as the kids have been SO INTO everything and have been on their very, very best behavior, not just being good (they have their moments) but being so sweet, precious and loving. We are getting to that age where they are starting to understand that Christmas is more than just gifts.

Here’s a peek into our Christmas eve!


See that tacky looking crooked star on top our tree? It’s Miles’ favorite garage sale find from years ago and he LOVES it. Christmas is for kids, so up it goes. I’ll be sure to send it along with him someday when he has his own tree. wink 0003_stomped.jpg

Merry Christmas everyone! I wish you all peace and love and a beautiful Christmas day.

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