Half Moon Bay before school starts

Summer is slipping away and school is creeping closer and closer, so the kids and I took off to Half Moon Bay for a little fun before life gets serious again. We have plenty of beaches that are closer than Half Moon Bay, but I just love that beach. It’s so chill and never crowded.

008HMBFAVE_stomped.jpg Miles is my kid that runs cold, so he’s always wearing pants and a hoodie while Joss is my little hot blooded girl who is wearing a bathing suit when it’s in the 70’s.


007HMBFAVE_stomped.jpg010HMBFAVE_stomped.jpg011HMBFAVE_stomped.jpghmb day17_stomped.jpghmb day14_stomped.jpghmb day21_stomped.jpghmb day27_stomped.jpghmb day15_stomped.jpghmb day42_stomped.jpghmb day43_stomped.jpghmb day4_stomped.jpghmb day48_stomped.jpghmb day5_stomped.jpghmb day61_stomped.jpghmb day49_stomped.jpghmb day62_stomped.jpg

Miles has this imaginary world where he’s always zooming around with his hands working as an imaginary video game. (I think…it’s a little hard to interpret.)

hmb day6_stomped.jpghmb day64_stomped.jpg

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  • Sherry SmithAugust 9, 2015 - 4:37 am

    love these pictures… I too love the ocean.. As much as I miss the King family, I have to admit California has been a great time for them.. hugs love and joy.. mom

  • LindsayNovember 9, 2015 - 4:31 pm

    I love these photos and Miles’ shirt! Where is it from? <3 arrows