The 5 Pages meet the 3 Kings

This past weekend we visited the Page Family who live in Noblesville. I hadn’t seen Annie since my baby shower in December, though we talk on the phone and email all the time. Her boys, Drew and John, were so sweet. Drew especially loves babies, so he really got into seeing Miles.

Miles got to try out an exersaucer for the first time and all sorts of new toys. Ryan got some snuggle time in with Miles. Annie, hiding under her coffee cup. Ryan and Annie were best friends of Andy and when I came along, we became fast friends as well. They welcomed John with open arms and we have really been blessed with their friendship. Drew and Jon have the neatest backyard and played a lot outside while we were there. Here’s drew showing us his skills on the swing. Penny woke up and we finally got to meet her. She was born on 2-16-07, which was Miles’ original due date. What a cutie! At some point during the day, John heard this jingling noise that he immediatly recognized as the “Happy Apple,” a toy from the 70’s of Annie’s that John had as a child too. His parents actually called him the Happy Apple becuase he, like the apple, was super smiley as well. So we had to get some pics of Miles and the Apple since that was such a special toy to him. Here’s me and Annie in our matching “mom uniforms” of dark tank tops and khaki capri’s. Actually, we have been known to have the same taste on many things. I’ve been so lucky to have inherited boxes upon boxes of some great baby boy clothes from her, which I guarentee you have seen Miles wear on the blog. THANK YOU ANNIE! Relaxing together under the turtle play gym.
It’s so cute when babies touch each other like this. Such cuties! Thank you Ryan and Annie for hosting us for the day. It’s always so good to see you guys. Your family is just precious and we can’t wait to see you again!

P.S. Ryannie, there are more pics, and we’ll do some better color correcting on John’s computer when we get a chance. These were just processed quickly on my computer.

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  • AnnieAugust 1, 2007 - 1:06 am

    What great pictures and such a tribute on your blog – thank you! When you get the time, color correction or not, pass along the pictures – they of course turned out awesome. It was so great to see you guys and meet Miles for the first time. It is so neat that we had Penny and Miles so close and I can’t wait to see them grow! Thanks again! Its always wonderful to see you and the boys!