I offer one package that covers everything you need, including prints. Your Betsy King photographs are an heirloom, and will come ready to be kept as such.


A 60 to 90-minute, on-location natural light photo session, an online gallery from which you can view and download your images, a USB drive to store your images, 5 x 7 prints of all images in your collection and a beautiful archival box to store your images.

Package price: $975.00


Contact Betsy for event and headshot pricing. Rates vary based on location and duration of event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you only have one package?

I like to focus on photography and not selling prints, so I keep things simple and offer one package, a package I would love to get myself. I want whoever I photograph to not only have their digital files, but photographs they can spread out on the kitchen table, hold in their hands and really look at them . I don't want your photos to end up in the back of a drawer or only on Facebook, so I present it in an archival quality box so they will have their own safe place to be stored.

How do I prepare for my session?

Eat! Do not even think about coming to my session on an empty stomach! Speaking of eating, feel free to bring snacks, even high school seniors need a little pick me up during their session.Try your outfits on ahead of time and make sure you are comfortable in them while sitting or if you are a mother with small children, bending over. Check that your undergarments don't show and that you are comfortable with the coverage of your clothes in different positions. You will be sitting, kneeling or perhaps even lying down during your session.Seniors: Bring your outfits hanging on hangers, pressed and ready to go. Don’t forget your shoes, accessories, undergarments and make up for touch ups. Getting your hair and make up done for your photos is a great way to prepare for your session and help you feel your best. Avoid make up with metallic and shimmering powders.

What if my kids melt down?

Your job is to arrive looking beautiful and not starving.  I’ll take it from there.  I have a special bag of tricks to entice and charm kids and coax kids out of tantrums. (Trust me, I've been there!) Mom and Dad just need to keep smiling and not fret. Children match your energy, so if you are happy and having fun, the whole family will follow suit.  I might ask parents to leave me alone with the kids for a few minutes at some point in the session so I can get their complete attention and charm them with my jokes. It usually works wonders for a child to have center stage and my complete attention.

What should I wear?

Wear what you are comfortable in and what fits you best. With that said, I say start with your favorite pair of jeans and go with layers.  Avoid a lot of black or a lot of white.  For men, always choose jeans over khakis.  Be careful when wearing tank tops that your undergarments don’t show.

-What to wear for seniors:

  • Two to three outfit changes is a good number of outfits to bring. We will pop into a coffee shop to change outfits during your session.
  • Bring at least one pair of jeans and choose layers with a range of textures.
  • Boots photograph beautifully and wearing one pair of shoes with a heel gives nice variety.
  • Be careful wearing a lot of sleeveless tops as you don’t want to have a “naked” look in all your close ups.

-What to wear for families:

  • Don’t go overboard on matching outfits. Mix it up on the color wheel a bit.
  • Avoid big words or logos on clothes.
  • Don’t force several outfit changes on kids, it makes them cranky!
Do you photoshop blemishes?

I believe that if you weren’t born with it and it’s not on your face everyday, I try my best to edit it out. However, I do not fix hair or outfit glitches, I do my best to help those when we take the photo.

How long does it take to get my photos back?

You’ll get a sneak peek of at least one image within a week after your session.  Your complete package will ready within three weeks after your session.

Where will my session take place?

Your session will take place on location in the Bay Area of California, within 30 miles of Los Gatos, CA. Before your session we'll talk about what fits your style, whether it be an urban setting, or a more natural wooded setting and decide from there. Many times sessions take place at a family's home.

Kind Words

Beth Stark

"Betsy has made family photos a fun and no-stress experience. She gets the best smiles out of my kids and I can relax knowing that she is going capture their personalities and joy in the moment. "

Kelsey Evans, Bay Club

“We love working with Betsy! Whether an event is small or big, Betsy always captures the authentic, special moments between our guests—she knows where to be at exactly the right time!”

Cathleen Candia

"I cannot sing enough praises about Betsy! She has an incredible eye, she's super fun to shoot with and her final products are exceptional. I'm so lucky to have had the opportunity to be in front of Betsy's camera for both an individual photoshoot and at an event. Her use of natural light coupled with her ability to capture a person's individuality make for some amazing shots. I hope to work with her many more times in the future!"